Essay On The Healing of America

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The Healing of America

This article written by the most renowned best author in the United States of America, seeks to challenge America of how other industrialized countries, which are not that developed as compared to America have provided for their people health care facilities, at a reasonable cost. Reid, in this article, visits every super powered country that is in the first world category like UK, France, Canada, Germany, and Australia to prove that there is existence of foreign health care in these countries, which provide an affordable quality health care, which most people in the country no matter the class can seek, for a good health care service. Many of these countries provide for their people coverage of private doctors, private hospitals, and the private insurance policies. Reid has also based his research on the ethical issues facing a country like USA. He came up, with a question if the provision of health care facilities is a human right. Majority of the countries that seek to provide for their people better health care facilities, have the yes answer to this question.

The United States of America is left in the spot light. In his article, Reid’s seeks to enlighten the people of America of how the doctors of the local hospitals, in both USA and Japan are paid poorly; patients are mistreated, in Britain and Germany, and the severe facilities in France. He compares these countries with other rich countries like Australia, who achieve at operating in low costs for their citizens, production of better health care statistics. This article is a news book. It helps the United States to finds replicas that they can borrow from so as to guarantee their people a better health care, and for the doctors a good pay. This paper seeks to improve the health care facilities in the United States of America, by coming up with policies that will help the country find guarantees from all over the world, to improve on its health care (DeWolf & Morgan, 2012).

Models of deliverance good health care in America

The models that the united states have been using on delivering health care facilities have been recognized, as very expensive and highly decentralized. It is also categorized as very poorly organized and fragmented. The health care facilities that the USA has been offering to its people have been inaccessible, unsafe, and inefficient. The models for delivering better health care facilities for the American people has been emphasizing on coordination, and equal service integration to all. There are four major models that the UN organization has imposed, in the United States of America.

1.The Bismarck model

This model was named after the hash chancellor Otto von Bismarck of Germany. He was the first person to invent the welfare state as part of the Germany unification back in the 19 century. This new system was invented with the view of providing better health care to the people of Germany and it was to some extent similar to that of the Americans. This system uses the insurance system where the insurers are called sickness funds. These funds are usually financially upgraded by the employers and the employees through the payroll of the deductions. The Bismarck type of insurance plan is a nonprofit system which is very different to the American U.S. insurance industry. In Germany, the doctors and the hospitals that were under the Bismarck system operated under the private bases. In comparison Japan has the highest number of private hospitals compared to the America. The Bismarck system is found in other several countries like France, Switzerland and in the Latin America.

2.The beveridge model

This system was named after William Beveridge who was a social reformer of Britain’s National Health Service. The system is strict in that the government is the body that provides finance for the health care facilities through the taxes paid by the citizens. There are hospitals and clinics that are owned by the government while others are privately owned by other individuals. In these two categories of hospitals and clinics, there are doctors who are employed both in the government hospitals and the clinics and at the same time are employed at the private hospitals. This type of system detect what the doctors earn making the per capita income to be low. This is because the government is the controller of everything and is also the sole payer in terms of at what rate the doctors can charge the patients. Some of the well known countries that use this type of system are Spain, most parts of Scandinavia and New Zealand. Hong is the only country in the world that has its own style of Beveridge health care. This is because in the year 1997 when the Chinese colony took over the former Britain, the populace refused to give up on the system because it was to their benefit to stay with it. Another country that has also been recognized as using the system is Cuba which serves as the purest country of the government control.

3.The national health insurance model

This system is the combination of the two types of systems (Beveridge and the Bismarck system). It works under the private bases but the government- run insurance takes care of the payments through the taxes the citizens pay. This system is a non- profit system with no need to market and no involvement of the financial motives. This administration in this system tends to be cheaper and more flexible compared to the American-style for the profit insurance. This system negotiates for low prices to be imposed through the market power it has. An example that has used this policy is Canada. It has negotiated for low prices in the pharmaceutical companies which the Americans rejecting their drug stores. They go to the northern drug stores to buy their pills. This model also helps in the reduction of the costs in the medical services by limited the amount to be paid by the patients who are receiving treatment from different hospitals or clinics.

4.The out-of-pocket model

In this model only the developed and well developed countries receive better medical health care. It is approximated that 40 out of 200 countries in the world have established this system but only the rich people benefit from this system compared to the poor people. In the regions of Africa, India, china and South Africa over millions people can go for days and at times even months without seeing the doctor. They only have access to the village doctors who can operate on them under low costs compared to the big hospitals which only the people with large per capita can have easy access to the better medical health care. In other poor countries, the patients think of other new ways to pay for the hospital bills for their people such as potatoes or goat milk. If they lack all this, they will not be given the proper medical care. The four models should be easy for the Americans to understand because all the elements are included in the models.

The most preferred medical care policy

Policies serve the purpose of providing the individuals with the right of accessing, and obtaining better health care facilities that is under the law. The policy of information accessibility is the most preferred policy. This policy seeks to provide with the individual the right to access any health information, which will benefit them. Through this policy an individual can also be able to access medical reports under the federal law of the country. An individual who is following this policy has the freedom, and the free will of choosing any medical facility or hospital that he, or she will go without any discrimination or controversial. Easy access of medical information is a key policy that is very crucial, in the health of an individual. This individual in context is a person who is the subject of PHI (Gallo, 2011).


A country cannot deliver better health care facilities to its patients without the recognition of the community practices, and the state national level. This article focuses on the aspect of the community and how different countries like Britain, mistreat their patients while other countries provide for their patients, the desired health care facilities add the attention they require. Health is a key aspect in the life of an individual. Bad health can lead to the death of an individual, and at times others cannot work. The government should fully engage itself in the provision of better health care facilities, under organizations that are established with the view of helping patients. The models that are started in the USA help in the establishment of better health care facilities that the patients require. Healthy people without any complications in their bodies are able to work for longer hours, and meet up to their expectations. It is mandatory for an individual to book appointment with the doctors every month for checkups, and to also seek for guidance on how to live healthy without getting sick, and spending so much cash on medicines.

In Africa, the main organization that is in charge of maintaining better health care facilities in different countries is the UN (United Nations). It serves the function of distributing health care facilities to countries whose economic growth rate is at its low percentage. Health as the most African cultures believe is a gift from GOD. Every patient in any hospital has the right to seek for an equal medical care and attention from the doctors. The United States of America is termed as a first world country and is among the top ten super powered countries in the whole world. The major challenge they face is medical care for their patients. Its government should seek funds to purchase the required facilities for treatments. Protection for the patients should be at its highest level. This will earn the country favors from other countries and many people will even start seeking medical care in the country.


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