Essay On The English teacher directed by Craig zisk

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The English teacher directed by Craig zisk

The name of the film is the English teacher directed by Craig zisk. The movie is said to not only be titled as the English teacher but most of the British people feel like the movie is based on their cultural beliefs and practices. The movie was first staged in the theatres of New York. The cast and the crew were all Americans. The movie some part of it has a British vibe and this is considered as a positive thing. The theme of the movie is mainly based on the cultural bases of the current society. A single teacher who is called Linda Sinclair (Julianne Moore) teaches English in a high school called Kingston, PA.

The teacher is forty years old of age and is single. She tries to help a former student to realize his dreams in life. Jason Sherwood (Michael angarano) wants to become a playwright but his father who is called dr.tom Sherwood (Greg kinnear) wants him to go to law school and pursue a career in law. The father claims that pursuing a career based on arts is a waste of time. The father and the son have very two different contrasting dreams that they want to achieve. This is relevant to the present cultural beliefs in most of the communities throughout the world. Many parents would want their children to do what they want and what they think is right in every field. Most parents neglect the ideas of their children and what they want to choose career wise. The impact of the films is that it seeks to prove that majority of the parents listen less to what their children want to achieve in life. They neglect their talent and force them to do what they want. The movie enlightens most of the cultures in the world to listen more and engage themselves in different fields.

The teacher Linda Sinclair (Julianne Moore) enjoys most of her evenings curled up in her cozy apartment in the small town of Kingston, Pennsylvania reading a book. She enjoys most of her evenings with her two Siamese cats and her collection of English literature books. She does not have much of a social other than her stories and her favorite authors. She enjoys her life the way it is because it is less complicated as compared to the books she usually reads. This was her daily routine. One evening she was politely interrupted by one of her best former pupil Jason Sherwood (Michael angarano).

Jason was disappointed in himself because he had believed that his dream of becoming a playwright had passed him. This was because he had failed to make a mark in the streets of New York as a playwright. He has now returned to his home Kingston humbled and knowing that now he had no other choice but to abide to the wishes of his father of going to law school and becoming a lawyer at the end. The teacher comes to his rescue because she could not stand the thought of Jason giving up on his dreams. She offers him the chance of producing his play in the school and offers to pay for any of the expenses that might occur in the long run. Jason worked with the drama teacher of Kingston high school who was called Carl kapinas (Nathan lane). Carl kapinas (Nathan lane) assumed the role of the director of the stage that brought about significant changes in the school drama. The drama play makes Linda so engaging and out of her comfort zone away from her books and her cats. She takes the risk of love and life. Her reputation and her teaching career with the play enable Linda to make unlikely ally in herself that was far from her former life that seemed to be perfect.

The major conflict that is depicted in the play is that of Jason and his father dr. tom Sherwood (Greg kinnear). The two people are conflicting with each other because of their contrasting opinions. Dr. Tom Sherwood wants Jason to go to law school while Jason is refusing because he has a passion for drama. Jason wanted to be a playwright which he accomplished at the end with the help of her former literature teacher Jane Sinclair. Dr.tom Sherwood regarded the art courses as a waste of time. This made Jason to be under pressure especially when he returned from his trip in New York feeling disappointed. He did not manage to make a mark in the art of playwright and on his return back home; he knew he had no choice but to abide by the rules of his overbearing father dr.tom Sherwood. Jane Sinclair came to his rescue and refused to let him give up. He read Jason’s piece of art and was pleased by the level of skills he had for writing. Jane Sinclair was ecstatic to help Jason fulfill his dreams and to be FREE from the hands of his demanding father dr. tom Sherwood. She gave him the plat form of being the producer of his own play a dark, angst-ridden, ambitious work in Kingston high school. This brought about conflicts between the teacher Jane Sinclair, dr. tom Sherwood and his son Jason Sherwood.

The film ends on a sad note. Linda Sinclair’s reputation and her teaching career are at stake at the end of the film. She got so attached to Jason Sherwood and taught him on how a woman should be handled and taken care of. Linda Sinclair also showed Jason on how to make a woman smile and to always be happy. Things started going wrong from that point of time. Linda started to be jealous and her decisiveness was soon known by everyone. She spent time lying to herself and she started losing her ability of seeing through herself. This was because she had started falling in love with her student Jason was jealous of everything that she could not even notice the coughing and chatting of her students on stage.

The actors in the story used method acting in telling the story. The two main characters in the story line were Jason Sherwood (Michael angarano) and Linda Sinclair (Julianne Moore). The voice that Jason Sherwood (Michael angarano) uses when he returns from his trip in New York was a sad and disappointing voice that made the teacher feel empathy on him. Linda Sinclair (Julianne Moore) was moved and touched by the piece of writing of Jason Sherwood that she offered to give him the platform of performing his piece of art. Jason Sherwood and Linda Sinclair became so attached with each other that her career, her job and her reputation became at stake.

The other three supporting characters in the film were dr. tom Sherwood (Greg kinnear), Carl kapinas (Nathan lane) and the vice principle pelaski (Norbert butz). Dr. Tom Sherwood used a commanding voice on Jason Sherwood who was his son. He wanted him to go to law school against his will and considered play wrighting as a waste of time. Carl kapinas (Nathan lane was seen less frequently in the film. She was a drama teacher in Kingston high school and was the stage director in the play that was produced by Jason Sherwood (Michael angarano). The vice principle pelaski (Norbert butz) offered to give a hand for the stage of the play in Kingston high school)

The camera sued in telling the story was subjective. The director Craig zisk made the film to be very unique and attractive to the audience at large. This was because of his mode of telling the story. He used styles, rhetoric questions and sarcasm to make the drama more entertaining and interesting. He made the film be more of a comedy.

The uniqueness of the film was seen in the costumes and the musical effects used. The artier of jane Sinclair depicted that she was a teacher and a serious teacher for that matter. She was loved and cared for by her students. The musical effect used when Jason Sherwood returned from his trip depicted sadness and disappointment.

The film at the end had achieved its main theme of respecting and nurturing ones talent to make it bigger than what it was. The film is mostly aimed at the parents and the students at large. The parents should seek to know what their children would want to pursue as a career and get involved in their daily activities. The students should seek to know where their talents are how they can use their talents to earn respect in the community.