Essay On Technology Plan

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Technology Plan

Business Description

SaudiTech Consulting Agency will be a consulting company that specializes in marketing of high-technology products in many international markets. The company offers high-tech manufacturers and producers a reliable, high-quality alternative to many essential in-house resources for business, market and channel development. SaudiTech Consulting Agency will be created as Saudi Technologies Limited based in Riyadh, capital of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The agencies principal investors and shareholders and the major operators and technicians will own the agency. The initial office will be established in an A-quality office space in the main technology hub in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia being one of the largest oil producers in the world will provide a ready market for technological tools and ideas. Having a high population of capitalists and technology giants, Riyadh will be the perfect site for SaudiTech’s main offices. Its high population will provide the market for SaudiTech’s services and goods. The employee number will be relatively small with about fifty employees to handle the major cases. Most other clients will have their needs catered for online. This ability has been enabled by the development of high-end client handling technology that the agency will employ.


In the Middle East and Asia, with most focus on Saudi Arabia, SaudiTech will target major oil producing companies. Focus will also be on smaller companies that deal with the distribution and transportation of petroleum and petroleum products. A major challenge for SaudiTech will be establishing itself as a worthy competitor in Riyadh’s technology hub and among the many potential clienteles. SaudiTech Consulting Agency will be priced at the upper edge of what the market will bear, competing with the name-brand technology consultants already in place. The pricing fits with the general positioning of SaudiTech as providing high-level expertise relative to its competitors.

The agency will have a user-friendly website where potential clients will access most of the products offered by the agency. This user-friendly website will ensure clients get maximum results will little or no problems. In addition to being user-friendly, the website will incorporate a payment and financial management system that will make it easy for clients to pay for products online. It will also make sure the money is safe with no problems on either side of the transactions. A success of this application will make the agency more attractive to clients relative to its competitors.

Data Processing Needs

SaudiTech has chosen two applications to help in reaching its potential clientele effectively and easily. User-friendly interface enhancer will make its website easily accessible by the clients as the agency will focus more on online clients. This application will be easier to maintain and monitor because it requires little security encryptions. Online financial monitor will monitor all financial transactions between the clients and the agency. This application will ensure the security and confidentiality of the clients’ and agency’s financial information. This application will be harder to maintain as it has to be deeply encrypted and reviewed frequently to maintain its high levels of secrecy.

These two applications can be used to manage consumer transactions efficiently. Being a business that mainly deals with online marketing and sales of its products an efficient and secure financial application must be in place. The main reason for having such an application is to ensure that financial details of the clients remain confidential and safe and to protect the sales gained by the agency. For this reason, the online financial monitor is the most important application for the company. It gives it a competitive edge over its competitors because of its advances in protecting the financial information of both the agency and the clients.

Operating Environment

The application required in successful transactions between the agency, and its clients will be compatible with most home and office devices. It is compatible with windows vista and other subsequent versions, Ubuntu, Linux and Apple operating systems. Other system requirements are 32-bit or 64-bit Processor, 1.5-GHz CPU or higher. 0.5GB RAM or higher, hard disk space of 100MB and a standard display of about 1024 x 768. The system applied is compatible with mobile operating systems ios, android and windows mobile. Offline features have been put in place making it cheaper for both the agency and its clients to transact. This feature makes the application usable both offline and online.