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Essay On Article Summary

This article is sports and urban development research that explores a $4.2 billion Atlantic Yards projects and the politics of race, class and environment that surrounds this project (Sze, 2009). The project’s name is the Atlantic Yards project for Brooklyn Nets basketball team.

Essay On A Doll’s House as a ‘well-made play’

A ‘well-made play’ is a play constructed according to the strict technical principles that produce neatness of plot and theatrical effectiveness. It consists of 3 to 4 acts. This means that a well-made play has a careful exposition in which the ground is prepared, a period of complication in which information is withheld, incidents follow in a chain of cause and effect, startling reversals, and suspense is created often bringing scenes to climax and finally there is a bringing together of various stands and a resolution of the problems.