Essay On Masculinity in 21st Century

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masculinity in 21st Cenctury

In a bid to develop the adept understanding of the men and their consequent needs, I will focus on the men, their needs, and the level to which the body image of the men has some importance (Addis, 109-112).. I will start with the establishment of the ideal cultural perception and the best approaches of the image of the men’s body (Brooks, 107-108). I bring the argument that the ideal body image for the men is dominated by the development of a muscular body for the majority of the dominant culture. The paper argues that men have different views of the men and their complex strategies towards the understanding of the meaning of their bodies.

There have been increasing concerns in terms of the increase in the view of the body image. One of the main factors contributing to the development is the cultural perceptions of the image. Popular media and the conventional depictions of the male image have been dominated with the imagery and the perception of the right approaches towards the body (Brooks, 107-108). The increased development of the perception of the male body image has led to the pressure among men to develop their body image such that they meet the images developed by the popular media.

I concur with the assertion that the depiction of the male body imagery makes the men seek out better ways of depicting themselves (Brooks, 107-108). The advertising industry can be blamed for the above development whereby their depiction of the images of men creates a threshold. Therefore, men are more conscious of how they look owing to the images peddled in the popular media. Men actively seek out the solutions to their body image by buying products such as the hair improvement, gym memberships, training rigors and general clothes (Addis, 109-112)..

Men make sense of their bodies according to the cultural idea. The definition of the cultural ideal is dependent on the popular media whereby the majority of the advertising agents focus on the development of the ideal images of the men (Brooks, 107-108). Understanding of the meaning of the body and what it presents to them is dependent on the popular media (Addis, 109-112).. The culture upholds a certain body image hence the development of the need to concur.

In the movies and advertisements, there are conscious focuses on the selection of the models. Just like in the case of women, selection of the models to pose for a product is based on the looks and how well the model conforms to the popular perception of the beauty of the members (Addis, 109-112).. Therefore, the entire imagery of the men is reliant on the belief of beauty.

Constructs of beauty are varied according to the cultures. However, the common perception of what makes one beautiful or not tends to transverse the communities. For instance, the often have to be tall and muscular. Therefore, the beauty for men is different compared to that for the women (Addis, 109-112). Beauty is more of the body structure and not the facial appearance (Brooks, 107-108). The above constructs determine the actions of men towards the attainment of the ideal body image.


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