Essay On Honoring One's Parents

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The importance of honoring one’s parents cannot be overemphasized. However, although most religions advocate for their honoring them, it is not as easy. This is because there exists a spectrum where some people often feel that their parents do not deserve the honor. This especially applies to parents that have hurt their children in several ways. There are issues that children have with their parents that still continued to hurt them; there are scars that have been picked up on different levels of abuse. Should these parents be honored?

Parents are often looked at as a source of nurturing, a source of comfort, which even unhealthy parents definitely somewhat and at the same time, the main question becomes how one can separate the feelings of love and hurt in order to honor one’s parents. It is important to understand that for a child and even as an adult, it is often very confusing and in many cases it often became a combination of the good and bad. As adults, there is intelligence that exists and the discretion to be able to distinguish the two. However, for children, the distinction is not obvious and in fact it can be described as a big quandary because there are parents that are not nurturing and they have certain values that one cannot be able to embrace or values that one sees faults in.

There are those that argue that honoring parents is honoring God that gives life, which in turns means honoring one’s life. However, there are situations that happen where parents have done serious damage, and this damage is on the physical and psychological level. The child in a very legitimate way, the child is often angry and is affected by the situation. The children are vulnerable and therefore, it is a very serious thing that when God gives a life as a gift to a family, instead of honoring the gift, the parents in some way take granted and one does not provide the child with a nurturing affirmation.

Therefore in such a scenario, one does not have to honor the parents as there exists a mixed love-hate relationship with the parent or even what can be described as a cut-off where the two cannot be able to communicate well because it often turns into an argument. There are parents that are greatly inferior in their talents and their acquirements. There are those that are lamentably deficient, and they are weak and make decisions that show poor judgment. One should never look down on their parents despite this weakness in judgment. One should not even taunt them when it comes to their defects, for this can be described as a cruelty in the extreme, however, on the contrary, there is a need to strive to the uttermost to prevent them from any pain. But the word honor is too strong. One should honor persons that they respect and who believed that they have earned their honor. Therefore, honor to parents should never be guaranteed, and it should depend mainly on their character and their behaviors.

It should be understood that there exists between the difference in the words respect and honor. One can respect their parents for doing everything that they have done even for bringing them to the world. However, the word honor, on the other hand, can be described as a strong word. This is because honor to the parents although important it should be earned by the parents. As a child, there is a need to respect the parents but honoring them depends entirely on the relationship that exists between the child and the parents.

It is important to understand the most people that have been raised in the modern society have been taught that is acceptable to rebel against authority, or the very least to question it if it seems to be incompetent or ignorant. Therefore, one can decide not honor their parents if they are incompetent and ignorant. However, there is a need to instill ethics when it comes to this question. One cannot decide to dishonor one’s parents because they are poor, this is plainly wrong. Although there are no established criteria for honoring one’s parents, there is a need for those that decide not to honor their parents to have substantial reasons.

However, it is not guaranteed to parents that they deserve honor from their children. There is a need to ensure that there is a leeway that is given to children to not honor their parents. This especially applies to parents that have abused their children and those that have gone out of their way to ensure that the lives of their children are miserable. There is no need for such children to honor their parents, and it should never be automatic that parents should not be honored. They should be respected but honor is a strong word, and they should earn it at least.


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