Essay On Employment Law

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Employment Law

Employers have stakes in the nature of the employee that they hire and their relevance in the attainment of the overall goals of the organization. Employers focus on the employees that have the most desirable aspects and the ones that will lead to the attainment of the highest level of benefits to the company (Holland & Burnett, 2007). Therefore, employers conduct numerous tests to assess the reliability of the employees to the company. Tests could be conventions while others are more controversial. The paper will assess the tests that the employers ought to make in order to determine the suitability of the employees.

Physical tests

Employers can conduct the physical tests in order to assess if the employees are suited to work in certain work environment. This is common practice more so when the nature of the work is manual. Some employee may not have the physique to work in the mines and other work areas that require that the use of physical energy (Lockton, 2006). Conduction of the physical tests also entails medical examination. Examination of the health status of the employees is important in that it leads to the assessment of the special needs of the employee and any considerations that have to be made when making the adjustments (Lockton, 2006).

The employers have to understand the different needs of the employees and determine if they can accommodate him or not (Holland & Burnett, 2007). However, as long as the employee can deliver, it is expected that the employer will employee him or her and not eliminate him according to the e medical condition such as HIV. In some jobs, it is important to conduct extensive medical examination. For instance, astronaut have to be healthy in order for them to conduct their jobs. They also have to deploy some level of physical fitness in order for them to be accepted in the space program.

The second type of tests conducted is the psychological tests. According to the law, some employees cannot be employed in some work situation (Holland & Burnett, 2007). The underlying psychological condition leads to the creation of difficulties in the interactions between the people. Jobs that have a high amount of stress often have requirements of the people that have the ability to handle the stress (Lockton, 2006). If the person has an underlying psychological condition such as bipolar disorder, it is imperative that the organization ought not to accommodate the person (Pinnington, Macklin & Campbell, 2007). However, some job requirements can be conducted by the people with such conditions as long as they have the medical care needed to deal with the extensive reactions.

It is mandatory for most of the jobs in the United States that the prospective employees are undertaken through the rigor of drug tests (Holland & Burnett, 2007). The jobs involving the law enforcement or any other legal positions require that the employees be tested for the controlled substances. Since the employee is supposed to be upholding the law and increasing it sanctity, it is expected that they will not be among the people breaking the law (Pinnington, Macklin & Campbell, 2007). Therefore, the drug tests are mandatory. Drug tests are also conducted in the companies that adhere to the best standards in the business management (Lockton, 2006). In addition to the above tests, some of the jobs may even require that the employees undertake the honesty and polygraph tests. However, these tests are configured to some level of employees higher than the entry level.


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