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Book Review

The control of the gun crimes in the United States of America is dependent on the ability of the government to come up with the gun control mechanisms. When the government will pass the gun control measures, the issue of the society being held hostage to any person that has access to a gun would be lost. Therefore, the entire security issue is based on the gun control.

The issue of crime in the society is directly dependent on the ability of the nation to come up with the gun control (Akers & Sellers, 2009). However, the government has never concluded the issue. There are different parts of the debate on the gun control. Most of the proponents of the gun control legislation assert that the time when the ownership of the guns was necessary is no longer present and that the people have to come up with new laws that are consistent with eh current situation.

According to the proponents of the gun control, the justification for the ownership of the guns that informed the decision to allow the people access to guns is no longer present. It means that the entire policy making foundation has changed.

The success of the can corn agenda is directly linked to the direct interests in the debate; gun producers veer the issue as a bad precedent for their business (Akers & Sellers, 2009). Due to their perspectives, they offer different ways of dealing with the issue that entails retention of the status quo. However, the approach is highly misinformed since the current crime rates are not justifiable by the profitability of the companies in the production of guns (Akers & Sellers, 2009).


What is the future of the gun control laws?
Are the stakes in the debate too big to create consensus
What are the main hindrances to the effective management of the gun related crime?
What can be done to control the gun related criminal activities?

The chapter focuses on the rule of the street violence with the main street psychology being the pervading aspects. The street psychology states that the gangs have to respect the sanctity of each other’s boundaries (Akers & Sellers, 2009). The focus on the boundaries has led to the creation of the need of more than one approach to the gang issues. The respect of boundaries is an alternative ways of ensuring that the gang violence does not escalate in the end. The street psychology indicates that the treatment of the each other on the street is an important aspect that determines the creation of the violence or the aversion of the same.

According to the tents, the creation of the perception of the right approach to street violence and creation of a lasting solution calls for the understanding of the street rules. One of the main rules is based on respect. The gangs are run on the ability of the members to respect the authority of the leadership. They are also run on the ability of the group management to come up with the most succinct interventions when there are issues between the gangs. How the state or a city’s administration structures the police dealing with the gang related violence is dependent on the understanding of the rules of the creation of the gangs and the operationalization.


Why is it important for the law enforcement to understand the gangs?

Does blatant moves against the gangs suffice as far as the suitability of the intervention is concerned?

Should the law enforcement lean more towards understanding of the gangs before action or should they focus on the smothering of the influence of the gangs in their areas of operation?

Drug and rug related crimes are among the most highly reported cases in the United States. The development of the drug trade follows the rise of major dealers such as Escobar and the identification of the United States as the ideal marketing ground for the drugs fabricated in the lawless nations (Akers & Sellers, 2009).

Drug related business is an often linked to the criminal activities that are witnessed in the majority of the cities in the United States. The drugs often lead to fight over the territories and the lucrative supply of the drugs to the most paying customers. In the end, gangs often resort to the use of violence when dealing with the drugs.

The drug wars are related to the crime rates in the cities since the people that are involved in the distribution and use of the drugs are often involved in the crime (Akers & Sellers, 2009). The hustling of the drug addicts in the streets is one of the means of increasing the number of clients. The ability of the people to make money from the drug war leads to the less of meaning of the education system hence the prevalence of the crime. Drugs also lead to the loss of the ability to judge hence the propensity of being involved in the gang related criminal activities.


Are the drug related activities justifiable?
What is the risk level of continued use and distribution of the drugs in relation to crime rates?
Doe the government do enough to curb the drug related criminal activities.


Akers, R., & Sellers, C. (2009). Criminological theories. New York: Oxford University Press.