Essay On Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Ideally the novel by Mark Twain Adventures of Huckleberry Finn focuses on the ideologies of being a free and kindred spirit based on the fact that all men are equal with the same opportunities being represented to them by their creator-opportunities to the right of life and liberty. This aspect is first depicted through Jim, who is a slave of Miss Watson. Immediately, he realizes that Miss Watson is planning on selling him” down the river” (Twain 35). Despite the fact that Jim is a slave, he is prompted by the quest for freedom and equality.

Jim feels that he has right, like any other man, to have freedom and practice his constitutional right of being free. However, it will be noted that the novel is incepted during the 1840s, a period when salve trade was booming. Thus, it is expected that Jim was supposed to adhere to slavery and listen to his master.

Mark twain employs the usage of Slang English as a form of style in the novel. This is vividly evidenced in the introduction of chapter seven when he reiterates “Give it, what you’ bout?’ He uses the word bout instead of the accepted English of about, in the introductory note. Perhaps, this style is used to reflect upon the language that was utilized at that time. It gives the reader a reflection of the 1840s and the mode of communication amongst the people.

Mark Twain develops the usage of motif. This is the act of repeating an event in a novel, film, or play with the sole intention of building on the theme. A striking exemplar of motif as style in the novel is the rebellious act in an attempt to seek freedom. This is first evidenced through Jim, who rebels and runs away from Miss Watson, the master. This is echoed by Finn who leaves the rules and regulations imposed on him by Widow Douglas.

A symbol that is referred to is the raft. The raft is utilized and referred to as the means of travelling for Huck and Jim. However, it should also be noted that the raft is symbolic in that it forms the center for their unity. It will be noted that in all their endeavors and travels, the raft is always involved. In fact, the raft has been created and returned to the novel, even after being destroyed.


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