Essay On Underserved populations

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Underserved populations

There are several underserved populations and they often undergo a lot of emotional turmoil in order to try and survive. The three underserved populations that are discussed in this article include the homeless, community parks and persons with autism. These populations are often underserved and they consequently experience and undergo several inequalities that come with health status, mortality and disease burden (Harkness, 2015). It is important to understand that these populations often have less access when it comes to health care, health providers as well as community conditions which ensures that they are protected health wise and economically. It is critical to realize that indeed there are some areas that have experienced high levels of underserved populations (Cieri, 2000).

The homeless should be well catered for and there is a need for the creation of policies that they are sheltered in homes. They should also be given the basic necessities, this will be critical in ensuring that indeed there is an increase in most of them having a decent living. When it comes to persons with autism, there is a need to ensure that medical health care is availed to them. There should be community watch programs and fundraisers that should help this underserved population (Benjamin, 2015). Over the years, people with autism have been forgotten and therefore, there is a need to revive charities in order to support this population. This is the same case with community parks. These are instrumental infrastructures which gives a lot of residence peace of mind. For this reason, there is a need to ensure that they are properly developed and maintained in a regular manner.

In conclusion, the three underserved populations of persons with autism, the homeless and community parks should be well taken care of in order to ensure that the society progresses


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