Essay On Similarities Btwn the Great Hymn of Aten & Psalm 104

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Similarities between the Great Hymn of Aten and Psalm 104

There are many similarities that exist between the Great Hymn of Aten and Psalm 104. Firstly, it is critical to realize that both poems praise the Lord, and they praise Him in the same manner. It is important to note that whereas in many cultures the sun is used as a symbol to represent God, Aten is described as neither the sun nor the Sun God (Fischer 37).
Psalm 104 makes this exact distinction arguing that God is not the sun, but he is more than the sun. Therefore, it is critical to realize that indeed the sun is not worshipped in both Psalm 104 and the Great Hymn of Aten, but it seen as something that is constant and it is the only thing that poets at the time could imagine in terms of power. Therefore, the two poems goes to show that God is more than the sun. There are numerous times in Psalm 104, where there is mention of the sun and God being praised for using the sun. Therefore, there is a need for humanity to understand the marvelous creation that God has put together and to take care of it.

Therefore, this similarity in the two might show that they might be something of the same thing. This is because the Hebrew Word Adon has been shown to have risen from the Egyptian word Aton or Aten an it is spelled by several scholars. Therefore, this similarity can be said to give credibility to the story of Exodus happenings (Fischer 33). The two poems show that indeed throughout history, there has been admiration to the creator. The two poems how humanity how belief systems took root and why it is important to worship the creator.


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