Essay On Reflective Discussion

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Reflective Discussion

The lack of education can be described as the main cause of generational poverty and is the reason that the poverty moves throughout several generations. It is critical to understand that there are several families that have unfortunately remained in poverty for several generations, and lack of education has been a constant factor in most of these families. Education can be described the main way to get out of the generation poverty. This is because, without a high school diploma or even GED, the chances of employment are often greatly reduced (Townsend, 2002). However, unfortunately, most of the persons in generation poverty do not have the desire to pursue an education or even better themselves. The people in generational poverty can be described as always being in survival mode. In most instances, they are often focused on whatever different challenges that greet them each day; this includes paying rent, buying food and sometimes taking care of their health problems.

Another complex factor when it comes to overcoming generational poverty is the fact that the children that are taken to school are not motivated enough and, in fact, most of them have low grades in school. This continues the chance that they might continue to live in generational poverty.

The aged are often at a vulnerable place when it comes to lacking access to employment. This is because most employers believe that the aged are unproductive and that they are less useful when it comes to the production chain. For this reason, most aged persons are often denied employment that leads to poverty amongst the aged to increase (Payne, 2005). In fact, most companies do not hire persons above the age of 55 despite these persons having extensive experience. Most employers have formed the notion that the aged are a burden when it comes to the workplace, they argue that the aged frequently get sick and have a lot of sick days. This, therefore, means that indeed there are a lot of productivity hours that are wasted by the elderly.

Women face unique challenges in different stages of life. They face a lot of issues when it comes to their adolescent stage including menstruation and the fact that they face a lot of changes in their transition to womanhood. Further, when it comes to the workplace, women are often discriminated, and this is because of their gender. They are sometimes seen as a disadvantage as a result of having pregnancy leave and other sick leaves. Also, it has been seen that women in the old age are often discriminated more as compared to men when it comes to the workplace. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that this inequality decreases and that the challenges that women experience in their different stage of life are decreased (Giugale, 2014).

I have understood that generational poverty is a big problem that needs to be addressed through education. There is a need for learning to be dispatched for the people affected by poverty to learn how they can be able to get out of it. Further, it is critical that the special populations are treated in an equal manner. This will be extremely important as it will reduce the current challenges that are facing the persons and make their lives more bearable and more fulfilling. I will be able to take note of the different persons in the society and especially the special populations taking note to make them feel comfortable and treat them with dignity and equally.


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