Essay On Health Plan

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Health Plan

Healthy plan is a program initiated by the American government to enhance and ensure healthy living among the citizens. The ten year agenda of Healthy people was meant at achieving the ambitious though achievable National Health. Healthy people is collaborative reflecting the input of diverse organizations and individuals (Potter, 2011). There are four foundational health measures that will be an indicator for achieving the goals outlined in the plan. These are General health status, disparities, health-related quality life and well-being and determinants of health. The overarching goals of the Healthy people is enshrined in achieving health equity, promoting the quality of life and creation of social and physical environments that will help in promoting good health (Healthy People, 2014).

One of the issues that result in disparity is chronic illness such as diabetes mellitus. Access to the care and treatment of the condition has been a preserve for individuals of the middle class and upper class with a lower income class segregated (Healthy People, 2014). The response to the whole issue is adopting a prevention measure such as weight management and conscious choice of food (Potter, 2011). Sensitization is one way of ensuring that the people understand the issue of diabetes. Educating of masses will help in the prevention of diabetes mellitus. Through the platforms such as mass media and community fairs people will be educated on the prevention measures of diabetes mellitus. Increased research through the use of various databases will help in identifying the specific needs of the community and devising ways of meeting them (Davidson, 2009).

Response 1

Throughout the course I realized the need of education in eradicating the health issue. Using the support from Nola Pender Theory where a client believes that whatever they are doing will bear positive results, I am encouraged to conduct pre-and post-client surveys with my topic concerned with strokes education and educating the masses on storke. With public surveys at hand, there was 16 per cent increase in knowledge. You did a great job on this!

Response 2

I appreciate the role of ANRP in the community. The course was enlightening with the knowledge increasing my role as the advanced nurse practitioner. The main objectives under the scope of study were the prevalent health issues, and the disease processes. I appreciate doing and attaining the success of the health promotion project with the fact that there was guidance in the whole process. Thanks again for the time and wish you the best in your endeavors.

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