Essay On Health Issues in Richmond, California

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Health Issues in Richmond, California

Losing weight remain a challenge to many people and the associated health effects still abound. The main challenge in Richmond is the issue of overweight and lack of efficient healthcare coverage. The statistics are shocking with an approximate 28.8 percent of people in the metropolitan area of Richmond having overweight problems (U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2014). It is ranked the third in the category of obese communities in the U.S. Child obesity is the prevalent case of overweight citizens with 25 % of the children identified to have weight related issue.

Children who are obese in the early stages of life have a greater risk of having other health related problems when they grow older. Such issues include diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Healthy eating should be a prerequisite in dealing with the overweight challenges among children. Despite the reasons leading to obesity being multiple and complex, the high prevalence of this condition is contributed by poor diet choices and leading sedentary lifestyles (Richmond & Fein, 2005). Other medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism contribute to obesity.

The problem of obesity in Richmond is endemic, and various pieces of legislation are being passed to control the skyrocketing cases. In most cases, epidemic would require government intervention; however, the issue of obesity is multifaceted and thus there is no simple antidote to the problem. Coupling the problem of obesity is lack of healthcare coverage. There exist a huge gap in healthcare coverage among the citizens of Richmond (Waters & Wiley InterScience (Online service), 2010). Statistics indicates that over 400,000 low income earners in Richmond have no health insurance coverage (Healthy People, 2013). Another huge number of citizens do not qualify for Affordable Care Act, and many still have no health insurances. Uncovered patients have the problem of raising the medical bills and paying for other health related services. The people in the low income earners bracket cannot afford the basic health care coverage and though they from the largest percentage of the population.

Richmond California has endeavored in health promotion initiatives to solve of the health issues it is facing. A good example of such initiative is Healthy People. This forms a nationwide health promotion, disease alleviation and control program that serves as the proper roadmap to community health and wellness (Edelman & Mandle, 2009). The initiative was formed using the funding from individuals various organizations. Overtime the initiative has been the subject of evolution due to the fresh addition of national initiatives to the disease prevention and eradication. Though a national health initiative, Healthy People impact directly on Richmond through engaging in nationwide improvement of health condition of the residents (Healthy People, 2013). Other initiatives include achieving health equity and eliminate disparities among all groups of people despite their social class (U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2014).

Another initiative identifying with Richmond is Community Health and Wellness. This initiative is governed by the basic principles of describing the health and wellness status of Richmond. The second element involves highlighting on the key initiatives and recommending the best based solution to the problem. Other objectives in the program include defining goals for healthy living among the community members and identifying the policies that will articulate for betterment of health among community members (U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2014). The initiative is mandated by the State since the citizens’ wellness remains a top priority. The initiative has been able to create recreational facilities, and encouraging healthy eating among the residents. Children and adults are encouraged to cycle or walk to short distance places (Healthy People, 2013). Such activities help in increasing physical activity of the residents that are one step in solving the compounding problem of obesity.

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