Essay On Google Inc. Discussion

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Google Inc. Discussion

Google is an internet-based company founded on 1998. Its founders were Larry Page and Sergey Brin. After its foundation, its incorporation was on September 4, 1998. Its headquarters is in Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View. Over the past decade, due to the high reliance on the internet based businesses and education and as well improved technology over different regions, there is a spread of the company’s offices over different regions in the world. Google’s management is under executives and board of directors. The paper focuses on Google Company analyzing different aspects of the company.
1.Strength analysis of Google Inc.

As a company, Google has its strength that enables it to compete effectively with other internet-based companies. Some of the company’s strengths include:

A). Search- the company’s search engine provides its clients with the facilities they are looking for. Example, a company search, has different forums of search. Some of which include image search, blog search and as well google news (Google Inc. Corporation 88).

B). News with the company’s news forum, the company provides its clients the opportunity of accessing present news. This is due to the news search engine update done on the present news within a minute of their occurrence. More so, Google gathers news from a wide scope and present them in different languages.

C). Books- google company provides academic reference materials to online readers through its online books. Online users have the opportunity to access and read the inside of the book online from their selected books.

D). Entertainment-through services such as Google Video, users have the opportunity of accessing millions of current videos. In addition, with Googles acquiring of $1.65 billion on YouTube, users have the opportunity of searching and watching the mot updated videos.

E). Google GEO-with google maps and Google earth, users, have the facility of seeing their location and as well navigating to different places using the directions from the satellites and aerial images stored in Google (Google Inc. Corporation 69).

2.Quality and customer experience are primary objects

Due to competition from other companies such as Yahoo and Bing, Google Inc. concentrates much on the customer affairs ensuring that it meets their needs. On the other hand, the company keeps on improving the quality of its services to the customers. Many Google Inc. customers concentrate on web-based services such as search and news (Vise 77). As a result, within the last decade, Google Inc. has a command of 57% of internet-based searches in nations such as United States.

As a result, due to the high market share, the company got an opportunity of improving the quality of its search results and as well targeting more adverts more easily as compared to its competitors. This, on the other hand creates a self-perpetuating draw from their customers as the quality of the company’s services improve. Lastly, with the company’s current marketing strategy, the company is improving the customer experience by giving them a wide variety of internet-based services including search, news and videos. Quality and customer experience remains as the company’s primary objects since its success results from their customers from different parts of the world. In addition, the company generates most of its income through advertising and, therefore, adverts used by the company as a subject of its customers (Vise 96).

3.Access to the widest group of internet users worldwide.

Considering the company’s mission of organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful, customers from different regions of the world are getting an opportunity of accessing this information and other related materials through the internet-based search and news services (France-Presse 98). Unlike other related companies, Google has different forums that encourage projects from different regions that help the company in diversifying its products and as well services to different parts of the world.

In addition, with the acquisition strategy of the company, example the acquisition of Docs and YouTube, the company has the ability of acquiring different customers from these products and as well diversifying its services to customers from different regions. Lastly, the Google provides its services using different languages (France-Presse 32). This enables customers from different regions to access their information using the language of their preference. Similarly, Google News covers a wide scope and gathers news from different parts of the world. As a result, users from different parts are able to have access to updated news from other regions. With the exploitation of the social media networks, the company has the ability of reaching out large numbers of customers over different regions.

4.Open source products and services

Google Inc. is a company that has a wide variety of services and products that it offers to its customers (Schiffman 105). With its alliance with other companies, the company has in the past started organizations aiming at leveraging the power of alliance with different parties. An example is the Open Social that allows developers through Google to create different applications that work with all companies’ websites. Google gives its developers a common API with the alliances hoping to draw some attention from social sites such as Facebook.

More so, with the open-source operating systems by Google, (that is Linux for computers and Android for mobile phones and tablets); the company has the Open Handset Alliance that aims at promoting the use of its operating systems. These alliances give both phone manufacturers and independent developers an opportunity of competing with Microsoft Windows, Blackberry and as well Apple Company. Other than the highlighted open source products by Google Company, there also lies some open source services. Services such as Google Project Hosting offer users the opportunity of having a fast, reliable and easy open hosting services for their projects such as websites (Schiffman 165).

5.Political and global analysis of Google Inc.

As a private company, Google is highly affected by the political environment. Over the past years, the company faces pressure from Department of Justice with the aim of relinquishing its archived search terms. In addition, governments such as Chinese government censor Google’s search results (Eisenmann 66). More so, the company faces concerns from its customers on its motto of “Do not be evil” where users ask if its cooperation with governments undermines the company’s privacy and freedoms.

There lies a great legal/political concern on the users pertaining the copyright of materials since the company stores material of third party web pages in their servers. However, the Company has a link that provides relevant information on digital information that notify both the U.S copyright office and Google in case of fraud in the information stored in the servers. The company offers a wide variety of employment opportunity positions (Eisenmann 15). As a globally diversified company, the company offers equal opportunities to people from different parts of the world. Lastly, as a global company, it offers complimentary products available within different parts of the world. These products increase Google’s brand awareness globally.

As an internet-based company, Google has the ability to cope with the intense competition. It has a strong franchise in search technology that gives it over a million users globally. More so, since due to its open-source operating systems (Android and Linux), the company is getting partners from different global parts aiming at developing supported applications and softwares for these operating systems. As a result, the company has the ability of growing and competing effectively with its competitors.

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