Essay On Contraceptives

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Should women with a history of breast cancer utilize oral contraceptive?

The oral contraceptives available in the U.S.A today are combined oral contraceptives and minipili. The combined oral contraceptives contains hormones progesterone and estrogen, which are artificial. On the other hand, the minipili contraceptives contain only progestin. Naturally, it has been observed that huge levels of estrogen and progesterone influence growth and development of some types of cancers.
A research conducted on patients with a family history of breast cancer showed various facts about the use of contraceptives. The research entailed more than four hundred women who had breast cancer between 1952 and 1944. The research extended its observation to the interviewees families; nieces, daughters, sisters and granddaughters. The observation pointed out that the birth control pill led to an increase in breast cancer. However, this was mainly because before 1975 contraceptives had high levels of hormones than recommended today (Morrow & Jordan, 2012).

Women who have a history of breast cancer are advised to be careful while taking contraceptives. However, not all women with a history of breast cancer are barred from using contraceptives. It depends on the level of breast cancer risk. For example, a daughter whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 40 suffers a higher risk of getting breast cancer than a daughter whose mother was diagnosed with the disease at 75 (Morrow & Jordan, 2012).

Do you know any religions or cultures that are against contraceptives?

Most religions are not against the use of contraceptives and abortion fully. For instance, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism are only against the use of contraceptives when the egg is fertilized. This is because they view life to begin after fertilization of the egg. The only religion known to completely bar the use of contraceptives in Judaism. However, some of these religions such as Islam and Hinduism offer a special consideration for various situations, such as where the mother’s life is endangered or considering their situation ethics (Blonna & Watter, 2010).

Can some antibiotics be transmitted to the fetus?

According to research carried out by physicians in Denmark, it was observed that infants whose mothers were taking antibiotics during pregnancy were more prevalent to developing asthma compared to infants born to mothers who did not take antibiotics.

Moreover, some antibiotics can cause vaginal yeast infection. This can end up harming the child after birth. This is because the organisms that exist in the mother’s vagina can end up getting into the baby’s body, forming a lining in its interstinal tract (Rubin & Ramsey, 2010).

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