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In our higher education institutions students are assigned various forms of tasks by professors. As the level of study raises, well researched & more difficult assignments such as research papers, dissertations, and thesis dominate the work schedule.

Generally, case studies are in-depth studies which can be valuable sources of information as they contain real-life instances to draw upon. It can be quite difficult to select materials from many sources and to decide on the essay type you want

Normally its categorized in to

  • descriptive
  • reflective
  • research-based.
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    Case studies should contain an abstract i.e. a statement of the question you are considering.
    You will have to follow this with a statement about your research strategies and about the result you've achieved.
    You need to explain both the context and the methodology.
    This is then discussed and topped with conclusion and references, which need to be in a particular style.

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