Essay On Reflective Discussion

The lack of education can be described as the main cause of generational poverty and is the reason that the poverty moves throughout several generations. It is critical to understand that there are several families that have unfortunately remained in poverty for several generations, and lack of education has been a constant factor in most of these families. Education can be described the main way to get out of the generation poverty.

Essay On Similarities Btwn the Great Hymn of Aten & Psalm 104

There are many similarities that exist between the Great Hymn of Aten and Psalm 104. Firstly, it is critical to realize that both poems praise the Lord, and they praise Him in the same manner. It is important to note that whereas in many cultures the sun is used as a symbol to represent God, Aten is described as neither the sun nor the Sun God (Fischer 37).

Essay On Simulation and Hyper-Reality In The Sims

The immediate environment that we live in is surrounded by images; video games, films, computer graphics and TV. Most of the images that exist around us tend to hide the reality. In other words, Jean Baudrillard said, “there is no reality anymore.” Jean Baudrillard during 1960s, came up with an argument concerning post modernity whereby he summarized the whole phenomena using the media theory of “simulation and hyper-reality.” (Baudrillard, 1981)