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Essay On Similarities Btwn the Great Hymn of Aten & Psalm 104

There are many similarities that exist between the Great Hymn of Aten and Psalm 104. Firstly, it is critical to realize that both poems praise the Lord, and they praise Him in the same manner. It is important to note that whereas in many cultures the sun is used as a symbol to represent God, Aten is described as neither the sun nor the Sun God (Fischer 37).

Essay On Importance of slaves to Elite Romans

The roman society has always been considered as one of extreme existence. The society was highly stratified. There existed the very wealthy elites alongside the poor people and the slaves. It was openly accepted in Rome that people were not equal. Legal status was used to define social factors such as marriage partners and even where people sat in social gatherings and events. Slavery was deeply entrenched in the roman culture.

Essay On What lessons We Should Retrieve From History?

History refers to the study of man’s past events in a chronological order. For several years, there has been a question of why it is important to study the science, games, arts and other the ways of life of those who lived in the past. The objective of this paper is to provide an answer to this question by carrying out an in-depth analysis of some of the lessons that we should retrieve from studying our past. The paper recommends that, studying history is not only important because it helps us to find a solution to the contemporary challenges but it also provides ways of preparing for a better future
Among the lessons that we should retrieve from studying history include the following;