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Topic title:"Writers Choice"
Discipline: Economics
Pages: 6
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Topic title: "Language Interference expressions "
Discipline: Linguistics
Pages: 3
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Topic title: "Comparison Strategies"
Discipline: Social Education
Pages: 5
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Topic title: "Defusing psyche in a mob"
Discipline: Management
Pages: 12
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Topic title: "Writer's choice"
Discipline: Physics
Pages: 12
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Topic title: "Crime and repatriation- Michelson scandal"
Discipline: Law
Pages: 5
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Topic title: "Macro Management Plan"
Discipline: Finance
Pages: 13
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Topic title: "Toxins DNA extraction in Health"
Discipline: Bio-Chemistry
Pages: 8
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Topic title: "Toxins DNA extraction in Health"

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Topic title: "Emergency excursions "
Discipline: Nursing
Pages: 3
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Topic title: "Writer's choice"
Discipline: Mechanics
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